Good morning, Timeboxers.

How are you feeling? Have you blocked out your day? I’m writing this late Saturday night but you can see my schedule for Sunday by clicking here.

I recently bought an “Ooler”. You may be more familiar with it’s predecessor, the Chilipad, made famous by Tim Ferris…

Good afternoon, timeboxers.

I hope you’ve all scheduled in a full and exciting day! (If you’d like to see my schedule for the day you can click here).

I wanted to share with you something that keeps me pushing myself even when I want to stop. …

Possibly my favourite thing about modern Javascript is something that I often seem maligned by other programmers. I don’t understand how such an awesome feature can get so much vitriol. Its sole purpose is to remove the burden of extra cognitive load from us lowly developers and (at least partially)…

Have you noticed my overly diplomatic title? It’s an attempt to frame this conversation in terms of what I prefer rather than what I believe to be objectively better in hope of diverting a flame war. I imagine it will not work.

React and Vue are ostensibly very similar and…

Steven Poulton @ Aika

Productivity expert, CTO of Coaching Culture and Founder of Aika.

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