Cost, Value and Self-Investment

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I recently bought an “Ooler”. You may be more familiar with it’s predecessor, the Chilipad, made famous by Tim Ferris on his podcast. If you’re unfamiliar with either, it’s essentially a pad that you put under your bed sheet which is covered by a series of thin tubes through which cold (or warm) water is pumped. This allows you to effectively regulate the temperature of your sleep environment throughout the night.

My friends were immediately enamoured by the idea as they, like me, are Brits who deal very poorly with sleep as the summer heat starts to creep north. So they looked into getting one for themselves until they encountered the price.

The Ooler is a bit more expensive than a desk fan. In fact, the Ooler configuration that I bought is thousands of percent more expensive than a desk fan.

My friends considered this to be an unacceptable extravagance and reckless expense. They are wrong. Here’s why:

Sleep duration and quality are two of the most important factors when it comes to performance in all domains of life and the science seems pretty clear that a reduction in ambient temperature helps significantly. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a librarian, poor sleep will significantly impact your output and it’s not even a small effect. If you have a bad night’s sleep it can ruin your entire day and even multiple days if you have no opportunity to catch up.

So I consider my purchase not to be an indulgence but an investment.

I expect the unit to last for at least 3 years, likely many more, so factoring in that 2 people are sleeping on it, that works out to about a dollar a day. Even if the Ooler only improves the quality of my sleep and my output by even a tiny amount it should more than pay for itself many times over. It’s a no-brainer.

Investing in yourself will always pay the greatest dividends.

Aika is 9 cents a day, if you were wondering.

Steve Poulton
Founder @ Aika

Productivity expert, CTO of Coaching Culture and Founder of Aika.